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Level Time Comment Earnings Average Rate
Very easy 10 min / week Earn more with referrals (more than $3/day) $1+/day = $30+/month (1 PTP with no ref.) 3/10

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A PTP (paid to promote) is a service that consists of allowing advertisers to reach customers by displaying their advertisement the PTP site and users to earn money by sharing a promotion page with those advertisements.
You earn money every time that someone view promotion page. You usually receive between $1.5 and $4 for 1000 views.

Earn more with referrals

You can earn much more with referrals. When one of your referral's pages is viewed, you receive money too! You usually receive form 5% to 100% of your referrals' earnings.
You can get direct referrals by sharing your referral link.

Best Paying PTPs

1. EurosPTP (french but hight earning)

2. Ptp4Ever

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